Bob and Susan - IGA Gibsons & IGA Wilson Creek

Bob and Susan - IGA Gibsons & IGA Wilson Creek

Name: Bob and Susan Hoy
Business: IGA Gibsons and IGA Wilson Creek
Phone: (604) 741-7847
Facebook: and

Tell us about yourself: When I was 21 years old, my Dad had this crazy idea to move to the Sunshine Coast, build a Grocery store and restart his career at the age of 45. Even crazier, looking back, was that he entrusted me to take on the role of Store Manager. Those early days were some of the toughest and yet most rewarding times. 

Tough was trying to find our niche in the market as many locals felt we were simply not local. Local, as described to me several times all those years ago, is about proving to your neighbors and community that you care, you are kind, generous, helpful, you offer consistency in your business, you give back through volunteerism, and you are fair to those that you employ. Local is not just showing up to town and opening a business and screaming "Hey I am Local"... local is about working one day at a time proving yourself worthy to your community. Twenty six years later, I think I can say that "Hey I am Local!"

Undoubtedly the greatest thing about taking a chance and coming here in 1991 was meeting my wife Susan. as many may or may not know, Susan worked for a company that installed the computer systems in the IGA and I was probably the most difficult employee she had ever trained. We have been married for 24 years and together ever since that training session.

Susan and I left the coast in 1994 to start our own Grocery Business in Abbotsford, then Squamish before getting the opportunity to return to the place we always dreamed about raising our children. In 2001 that dream came true and we returned as Owners of the IGA in Gibsons. In 2012 we were fortunate to purchase the IGA in Wilson Creek. 

Running a business in a small town isn't easy, however, it can be very rewarding. Our kids, who are now off in university, were raised by this village we call Gibsons. I can't be more proud of them for the young adults they have become. I can't thank all of the teachers, volunteer coaches, and community members that have helped guide them along the path to being strong adults. 

Twenty six years later, we have employed thousands of residents, and now are employing their kids! Yikes, it makes me feel a bit old, but it also makes me feel quite proud that we have stood the test of time. 

The community in which we live is incredible. So supportive, encouraging, honest, and helpful. I feel blessed to be able to do business here everyday.

Tell us about your business: IGA Gibsons and Wilson Creek continue to evolve with the changing dynamics of the industry in which we are in and the demands of the consumers. It is no secret that we have pushed our fresh departments to new heights. 
Bar none the Seafood Counter in Gibsons offers the best Seafood anywhere in the Province. Our phenomenal staff, Oceanwise program, variety, price, and fresh product are a treat for locals and tourists alike!

The Produce in both stores purchases Gibsons Local, and BC Local wherever possible. Both departments are growing their organic offerings substantially as prices in the organics are dropping and quality is getting better! Again, great staff, great service, and the best product we can source is what makes our produce great!

Our deli kitchen staff has been turning our sandwiches, wraps, soups, sushi, salads, homemade pizzas, hot meals, and literally is known as the place to go for lunch or dinner! Friendly, hard working, and talented best describes our team. The comments we get on their food is consistently "AWESOME!"

The Meat Shop has been cranking our value added dinner ready products for the past year, and their variety and creativity continues to grow. Our beef, AAA, 21 day aged Alberta draws rave reviews as doe the Free Range 63 Acre Farm product from BC. BC Chicken and Pork also fill the case and nicely with a variety of cuts available. Some of the nicest, most talented, seasoned and youthful men work in our Meat Shop and their service levels are fantastic! 

Yes the Bakeshop, complete with the finest breads and sweets, birthday cakes, and fresh pastries. The smell of the garlic loaf, the cinnamon buns, and muffins are really intoxicating to be around on a daily basis!

Our two florists do an amazing job keeping up with the seasonal buying and their ability to source the best products at the best prices for both home and garden is outstanding. Our stores are full of vibrancy and life with the flair of fresh flowers that greet you at the front door. 

We currently employ a fabulous team of over 180 people from students to seniors, who offer great service, smiles, knowledge, and a genuine caring about our customers.  They are the best!!

Facebook is an easy way to keep track of what's new, what's happening and what's arriving! It is also a great way to give us feedback good or bad, and offer suggestions!

Currently we are planning a renovation in each location, yes we listened to your feedback, and plans are well underway to continue to bring you the best in Fresh!!

What's your favourite thing about the Sunshine Coast: My two favourite things about the Sunshine Coast are the people and the outdoors. 

The outdoors offers an escape from the intensity and daily grind of retail. Whether fishing, hiking, biking, kayaking or running their is no better place in the world to be!

The people really care, they offer honest opinion, they look after one another, and have a passion about where they live like no other place I have ever been. We feel blessed to be considered "Local" and will continue to strive to live up to those standards every day we are able to do business here on the Sunshine Coast!

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